The Concept and Experience

New-Luxury Lodging Meets Hometown Comfort

Located just one block south of Courthouse Square, Air Village on Montezuma offers 10 individual short term lodging units within a park-like setting. The units are composed of 34’ Avion travel trailer shells that have been re-built to offer high quality, mid-century modern styled accommodations.

The village captures the essence of the hometown experience while blending contemporary elements and local influence to create a thoughtful design and aesthetic that embraces and engages nature as a means to deliver well-being and satisfaction. Each unit will offer a contemporary private accommodation with an integrated outdoor living space that is enhanced by communal spaces throughout the grounds.

A Look Into Amenities

The Units

  • Remodeled Avion travel trailers that have been completely stripped and rebuilt to create a modern, luxurious accommodation.
  • Full walk-in showers and vanity
  • Comfy queen bed
  • Kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave/air fryer combo
  • Living room with electric fireplace and Smart HDTV
  • A/C and Heating to provide a relaxing and comfortable stay
  • Private outdoor seating to enjoy and take in the fresh mountain air

The Village

  • Large lawns with multiple seating areas throughout the Village
  • Two communal fireplaces
  • Nestled amongst beautiful elm trees and thoughtfully designed landscaping
  • Located in the Downtown district

Redefining Luxury Lodging

At Air Village we believe there exists the opportunity to redefine luxury. New Luxury should promote sustainability, durability, and enhance the experience of its intended use. It is not about making a statement of status/wealth and using unnecessary extravagance to add value.

New Luxury can still use nice things from what can be defined as traditional luxury. But those things should serve some kind of purpose to enhance the experience. For example, lighting used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A fountain with gardens to create a feeling of peace and serenity.  A beautiful art piece to evoke an emotion. A nice bed to promote restful sleep and restoration. These are things we have integrated into each unit’s design and throughout the grounds to capture the essence of New Luxury.

This is “Living” versus “Staying”

New Luxury Lodging strives to embrace the now and the future. It is forward looking. It applies science and technology not as a look but as a means to enhance and improve. It strives not so much to deliver lavishness, but rather to deliver an abundance of healthful and comfortable experiences. It doesn’t insulate us from nature, it engages us and embraces nature; not as a style but as a means to deliver well being and satisfaction. It is about “Living” vs “Staying.”

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